“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” – Sophia Loren

Motherhood is hard! Motherhood is BEAUTIFUL! Motherhood is the most rewarding job there ever will be! We are paid in hugs and kisses, and looking at that sweet little face knowing that they love you with every little piece of their body! At least while they are little things, teenagers will never tell you that you still are everything to them because they don’t realize it just yet!

So as Mother’s Day is fast approaching a great friend of mine wanted a Mom and me session with her and her daughter. She has PLENTY of photos with Dad, but as it stand photos with mom, that aren’t selfies, are few and far between. I think its the same for ALL moms.

We spend so much time worrying about things like about that little sniffle(is it a sniffle or is it something more), worrying that they aren’t learning enough, when to put them in preschool, are they getting to much screen time, or all the things in this world that could harm them!

It’s often too much to think about without breaking down mentally!

Often getting pictures taken gets put on the back burner because we HATE being in front of the camera… or at least I do! So for this mom I had a wonderful time just capturing them just how they are!

By letting them do their own thing and only giving few directions I am able to capture so much of the childs personality and everyone in their natural beauty! NO awkward, forced faces here just pure beauty!


These two are just so fun! To be able to capture a Mom in her natural state, without her worrying about the camera in her face, is some to truely cherish! I’m sure that she will do just that with these images!

“Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” – Kate Winslet

Another Mother’s Day is here,
Bringing joy and pleasures new,
On this special day, Mother dear,
I want to remember you

I cannot give you costly gifts,
And I’ve told you this before,
No matter what I give to you,
You give back much, much more

I’m giving you a pure, sweet rose,
Gathered in the early morn,
This rose you planted in my heart,
The day that I was born

In kindly, loving thoughts of you,
And with the faith you still impart,
The rose I give to you today,
Is the love that’s in my heart

So to all of you Mothers… Know that despite your struggles, despite your worries, despite how much they may act like they don’t need you, that they really do! YOU are the most important thing in their life. YOU gave them life. YOU are their MOM and NOT one single person can change that!


THEY WILL ALWAYS NEED YOU! I know I need my mom quite often!


This Mother’s Day celebrate yourself because you DESERVE it!

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