As you all know I held a Model Call in April for babies due at the end of May and Early June, well I am so excited that I finally get to show off Little Miss Zoeys’ session!

She was seriously the sweetest baby! She was 10 days old when I came to meet her and take her pictures and she did so great, until she peed on me… ha! But thats just one of the hazards of working with naked babies, isn’t it? Thats totally ok though!

This little lady was just super cute! and look at that RED hair! So darn cute!

I will always love photographing newborns! Each and everyone is different and OH so cute! It’s always so hard to give them back to their Mom’s! I LOVE this squishy stage!

Congratulations Tiffani & Jeff Baltz on the newest addition to your family! She is an absoulte doll!!

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