Mariko & Erik | Lifestyle couples session

These two were seriously the so much fun! These two were the winners of my model call for an indoor lifestyle couples session and I could not have asked for a better couple! They were a natural in front of that camera! Their session was just so fun, full of so much laughter! The weather was PERFECT during an awful few weeks of rain and having an overcast morning just made it even more cozy! These two have been together for almost eight years now and will be getting married in June. They met through Mariko’s brother! Erik was his best friend, and after a while these two fell in love, and have been together ever since! Over the past year and a half Mariko has been traveling to Little Rock for school and it has been hard having to schedule around that time for them to spend with one another. So, this session was perfect! What better way to spend a Sunday Morning than louning around the house! Congratulations and Best Wishes, Mariko and Erik! Wishing you two lots of love and happiness together! May every day of your life hereafter hold wonderful shared experiences! Thank you for allowing me to capture your memories!  

What is a Lifestyle couples Session, exactly?

Lifestyle sessions with couples is a new favorite session to photograph. Being able to hang out with a couple in their home(or a borrowed space) can be so relaxing.  There’s something to be said about having morning coffee or even pancakes and fresh fruit. It is so much less stressful for everyone. I know being in front of the camera is awkward and you may think you have to produce a fake smile. Even if that’s not really how we do things. Coming into your home becomes a time where we’re just friends hanging out capturing some fun filled amazing moments of joy.

Lifestyle sessions are a great way to be able to preserve your joy and personalities in an image and cherish for generations to come.  It’s definitely a way of remembering what love and life was when you were young.  Before having children, before taking life too seriously when mortgages and such become a priority. It’s a way of bringing you back to a time when you had no cares in the world and you could stay in bed on a Sunday morning enjoying each other without any interruptions.

Of course, lifestyle sessions do not mean we have to photograph you in bed if that’s not your thing.  We can always capture you hanging out at the cottage playing scrabble or curled up together on the couch reading a book.  Lifestyle sessions are all about capturing you as a couple being you.  Whatever “you” is.

So, if you have any interest in a life style session as a couple or even a family, contact me I’d love to hear from you and talk more about what a lifestyle session could be for you!

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