The Session Experience

Haley Malena Photography is a boutique photography studio. Which means that I not only focus on capturing your portraits, but also creating an amazing experience throughout the process! For me, your session is about creating memories and capturing them so you’ll never forget them. Everything I offer is Heirloom quality, meaning your grandchildrens’ grandchildren will be able to look back at your portraits and see you just how you were.


No need to stress over your session…I will work with you each step of the way; from booking the session, what to wear, where to photograph, all the way through your Reveal Night and the delivery of your finished art. I am your own personal planner!


My goal is to create an atmosphere where you and your family are Comfortable, so that you will be RELAXED during your session! Thus, Allowing me to capture the unique qualities of your family, child or fresh new baby!  I love being able to bring out everyone’s personality. By helping you through the entire process, you will have gotten to know me and you will fully know what to expect from your session.  I know, I do not like being on the other side of the camera. I know how awkward it is not knowing what to do, where to look or how to act. This is what I am here to help avoid! There will not be any awkwardness here!


This part is vital to getting CANDID & GENUINE photos of your children. We will spend the first few minutes of your session just playing and getting comfortable. I show them what their pictures look like. I let them push the shutter. I like to play at the beginning of the session to get everyone relaxed!  You can expect us to be having fun and laughing pretty quickly!


Once your session is complete, it will be time to go to work and create your galleries! This is my absolute favorite part!  I will spend the next two weeks going through your images and carefully editing each one. I will then put those images into a custom made slideshow for you to enjoy on Reveal Night! After your Slideshow, I will help you pick your photos. I know placing your order can feel a little overwhelming. That’s exactly what the Reveal Night is for! I’m happy to walk around your home with you and help you plan your custom art pieces.


Last, but certainly not least, once your order is placed in two to four weeks you can expect that your products are in and are ready to be HAND delivered to you! I know that you are just absoultely going to love them, and you’ll be able to enjoy them for generations to come!

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